"Cosa cambia dopo la nascita?"

Translation:What changes after birth?

May 10, 2013



Lots of Huggies.

December 14, 2014



August 15, 2015


´What does he change after the birth´ was marked wrong?

August 1, 2014


That is a possibility. As there is no context, I would accept that translation.

August 4, 2014


Beh, il bambino crescere, diventa un ragazzo o una ragazza, dopo quel, diventa un adolescente male come sempre, poi diventa un uomo o una donna e lascia la casa dei suoi genitori. Poi inizia gli eventi di nuovo. Ciclo di vita...

October 9, 2015


yup. sounds about right.

April 28, 2017

  • 'What is changing after the birth?' doesn't work here... any idea why?
May 10, 2013


1: I agree with Duolingo. 2: See birth as a changing point, both physically and psychologically: before birth and after birth. The baby has to breathe independently, eat through the mouth instead of through the umbilical cord, mom has to change diapers, nurse the baby, adapt to the fact that she has another person to care for etc. Let me put it this way: the basic things have changed and do not really keep changing, so "is changing" is not appropriate in this setting. let's hope that a native speaker does not tell us I am completely wrong.

May 10, 2013


Fair point, but this strikes me as one of those annoying DL sentences that nobody would actually say in real life, at least not in English.

August 16, 2014


There is a dialogue between 3 twins about that misterious event. One says "La nascita è la fine di tutto. Unico problema è il transito, poi non ci saremo più." A second says "Sarà un giorno meraviglioso! Adulti ci accoglieranno nel vero mondo e c'insegneranno tutto!" The third says "Che cosa cambia dopo la nascita? Vivremo tutto come prima; soltanto che saremo/staremo dall'altra parte."

May 20, 2017


I didn't catch this difference the first time but indeed that makes sense. Thank you.

May 11, 2013


Generally more slack

March 29, 2018


what does change after birth, also is considered as wrong answer

May 20, 2019
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