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Translation is not shown for some sentences in "sentences" forum

July 30, 2014



I've found a lot, a reported a lot.
Not sure if DL cared or ever did anything about though, so I stopped.


Maybe it's a glitch? Because I've stumbled on some of those "translation-less" sentences before...


There is a good chance these are generated from audio challenges. So there wouldn't be a sentence to begin with, just an audio track.


What do you mean? I run into these all the time on all types of questions. And duolingo doesn't have just 'audio question' discussion areas. They use the same discussion regardless of the question type (a listen and write, multiple choice and translate the sentence will all share the same discussion).


That may be true, but the sentence only appears in the forum after the first person comments in it. So for example:

  • If person A, found an audio challenge, and commented first;
  • Person B will see the the audio challenge sentence discussion with only one sentence and a blank translation;


  • If person A found a typical translate question, and commented first;
  • Person B will see the translation and the original question.

I presume, it all comes down to which question type the first person commented.


I'm not sure if it is true that "the sentence only appears in the forum after the first person comments", but if that is true, and that is causing the missing translation, then it is still an issue, and a poorly executed way of doing things.


> "the sentence only appears in the forum after the first person comments"

That's a fact. I mean't that the "Sentence discussions" are only created when someone comments in it. It makes perfect sense to me, as it wouldn't be logical to populate the forum with multiple empty sentences discussions. That would be taking unnecessary space for no good reason.

As for the translations, they are shown when the user first answers them, and most users can see them while reviewing the questions anyway. It is an issue obviously, but a minor one anyway.


"the sentence only appears in the forum after the first person comments"

That's a fact.

Not to be a stickler, but do you have proof? I've searched for sentences before which had no comments and was able to find them. In fact, I have never not been able to find a sentence using the search function, whether it had comments or not.


I'm going to bring us back to topic by assuming you are correct (because it is irrelevant to the discussion)

For whatever reason, if the translations are not showing up, it is a problem. You may consider it a minor problem, but I often use it to see what DL considers the "best solution" (they don't always give alternative solutions to questions either).
I think it is a useful feature, and if there is something causing it (like not having a translation field for audio questions), then duolingo should look into this, and try to find a solution before they get in even deeper. If a solution could be found now, it could be corrected before many new courses are created.

(I realize you may be referencing my 'poorly way of doing things comment- what I meant by this, is, if you are correct and this is they way they do things, the translation should be available for all question types. If not, you will always have a decent chance that the 'translation' will not be shown)


Not to be a stickler, but do you have proof?

Yep, you may search for "Je frappe la balle.", and you won't find (at the time of this writing) the empty discussion that is only available far down the French tree.

Also, there are two versions of a sentence depending on which language direction you're learning it from:


Interesting. I couldn't find one because although I found empty discussions, I had no proof that a comment hadn't been deleted.


When typing the answer, you get a text "Translation: ___"

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