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As I brows around, found [read] a comment the Portuguese we are "learning" is from Portugal and as far as I know [from hearing discussions], there are lots of difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from mother land Portugal. Would this be true?

May 10, 2013



Nowadays,we dont have many differences in spelling (like Briish and American english) Most of time it consists in pronunciation!-- i posted a thread comparing the accent: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/353931


I'm not fluent in either but I had previously studied European Portuguese (EP) prior to Brazlian Portuguese (BP). Here is my 2 cents:

1) The pronunciation on Duolingo is most definitely BP

2) I have seen words on Duolingo (eg banheiro, lustre, bolsa, sanduíche, café de manhã) that are not used in European Portuguese. They have alternatives eg banheiro = casa de banho, café de manhã = pequeno-almoço.

3) The flag used as a symbol for the language is the Brazilian flag.

I can't see why anyone would think that this version of Portuguese taught by Duolingo is EP.

When I started learning EP I looked a lot into the differences between EP and BP, mainly because most language resources (eg books, audio etc) are for BP, and I wanted to know if it was worth using them. In every discussion there was usually one person saying "they are pretty much the same", and one person saying "they're completely different". My understanding is that a person who knows BP could pick up an EP book and understand it just fine, noting a few spelling/grammar/word differences here and there. And it would be the same for a person who knows EP reading a BP book. However the pronunciation is the biggest divide. Many many BP speakers complained that they could not understand EP speakers and that they speak way too fast. There is a strong similarity between EP and Spanish and my friends from Portugal can understand most Spanish speakers (about 80% of what they say) and even hold conversations with them without too much trouble. I would be interested if any BP speakers could comment on their ability to understand Spanish speakers, as this might indicate a clear difference between the two.


Hmm i have a friend who lived for a long time in Portugal, but he made an effort to not get their accent. Portuguese people find our accent pretty sweet, and so do I. We find just few differences in writing, as you said, in some words... i think a big difference is on the usage of "gerund". Brazilians use it a lot, not the same for Portugueses. They also hire brazilians to work on radios and tv programs once they like our accent. My friend told me that they complain about how we pronunciate "L" at the end of a word, like U, not like L in spanish, or french, for example. Plus, there are some words we need to pay attention once they have different usage in each country and may seem offensive to the one who hears that...


Ive studied spanish, so i understand them. But most Brazilians understand spanish as well as European portuguese, some of them prefer this last one, others dont...

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