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"Why do you want another one again?"

Translation:Pourquoi est-ce que tu en veux encore un autre ?

June 3, 2020



Another one again? What does this mean? ITS complicated ,confusing ,unnecessary. Just "another one" would suffice. The french is a bit of a mouthful as well! Better would be "Pourquoi en veux-tu un autre?"


I think that if the original French exercise had been translated into real English it would be "Why do you want yet another one?".

I think their original attempt at a translation was "Why do you want yet another one again?" and when they "corrected" it the idiots took out the wrong word!


"Remind me again, why do you want another one?" is the same as "Why do you want another one again?"


It means that whatever was available, you already had 2 units. So "encore un autre/another one again" is at least the 3rd one.


Sitesurf, I admire your naive loyalty to Duo, but you know in your heart they didn't really give this sentence all that much thought. Time and again they dish up casual word salads, and then we waste discussion space trying to retrofit a meaning that was never there.


In this case, it was not my loyalty to Duo that was speaking but my understanding of the original, French sentence. I am no longer responsible for the French sentences, nor their translations to English, so my contribution to this course is to help you understand the French you are given.


Then I suppose "Why do you want one more" would be a better translation. Right?


Why une and not un autre


"Pourquoi en veux-tu encore une autre ?" is accepted, so both "un autre" and "une autre" are acceptable.


(you've already had six - why do you one yet another one? (But the yet prob lends more emphasis than the French...)


I agree. Clunky sentence to start with.


Why is "en" used here, if they dont say "another one of them"?


Because although the "of them" can be omitted in English, the "un" needs to be "un de [qch]". The "en" is substituting for the missing "of something".

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