"I bought some new curtains."

Translation:J'ai acheté de nouveaux rideaux.

June 3, 2020

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why not "des" since there are multiple curtains?


I used des because I forgot that usually only "de" is used if the noun is modified by a preceding adjective, but Duo accepted it. Maybe a native French speaker can explain why my answer was okayed.


I said "des" and it was accepted, but also said that "de" is another correct solution. So... what's the rule here?


J'ai acheté de rideaux neufs. Why is this wrong?


When describing age, the adjective goes first. In this case, it should also be "nouveaux"


Again I didnt get beyond the first word before i was ruled incorrect!!


Sometimes if my fingers aren't on the home keys when I am typing an answer, such as this one that starts out with "J'ai", when I reach to type the apostrophe with my little finger, instead it hits the "enter" key and I immediately get the red error response. I hate it when I make a dumb mistake like that, because I make enough of the well-earned ones! : )

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