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Timed practice pause button.

Once you have awnsered a question there should be a pause button because i normaly end up in the center of a timed practice when I want / need to quit. When I close the window I noticed if I had skill points and the next day I check to see if I recived them, I did not. If they added a pause button I could stop at a awnsered wrong / right question and review or close the window and the next time i clicked timed practice it would ask you continue paused timed practice? Yes / No

This may be helpfull to users that like to accumulate skill points faster instead of losing some now and then.

May 10, 2013

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From my experience, you need to let the lesson to arrive to an end before the points and the words practiced, register in the database. I recommend you wait a few seconds until the time runs out, before you close the window. As there is no pause button, if you close the window before the 20th question is over, or the time is zero, the practice will not appear in the database. Of course that does not mean that everything is lost, every question you answer during the practice helps you improve your language skills, even if it does not give you points.

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