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Scottish Gaelic Skills Tree

I don’t seem to be able to progress any further than the “Trophy”. Have I reached the end of the course?

June 3, 2020



Only the end of the first part... there is more to come, just unsure when it'll be released as the volunteer team is working very hard on finishing it, but it's a lot of work, especially with the live recordings and getting all the skills ready. And no doubt even more fun tips & notes.


The trophy means that you have ended the course and you can not go any further with the course. Duolingo lets you practice to get to Level 5 on the skill tree, and then it will crack the gold on the tree and then it encourages you to practice the language, it wants you to practice every day, which is a requirement of a language learner. Languages mean you have to practice a lot, and you are doing it, so keep up the good work. Also about the trophy you can do something with it, it just gives you a nice congratulations about finishing the course, congratulating you for your 'lengthy participation', and it says Sincerely, Duolingo Team. That's what the trophy is. Sometimes Duolingo adds new skills to trees, which is kind of nice, and I was hoping there was that for Spanish or something so I could expand new vocabulary about the language. Thank you for wondering about the Scottish Gaelic skill tree.


I had my course drastically shortened today, from four sections to two, ending with Sayings. Hope this means there will be new content soon, I'm enjoying the course.


Sayings has always been the final skill? How many numbered checkpoints do you have? There ought to be three, and then the trophy at the end.

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