"Cha robh an t-iasg ann an coille an-dè."

Translation:The fish was not in a forest yesterday.

June 4, 2020

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How do I know that it is 'a' forest not 'the' forest?


I believe it would be "anns" rather than "ann", but don't quote me, they really don't explain it, just say "we'll deal with it more later" or something like that.


So the fish are able to go in and out of the forest. Whaa? Where do they go?!


I answered "The fish were not in a forest yesterday" and was marked wrong. What would the plural of "an t-iasg" be?


The plural of an t-iasg is na h-èisg.


Dwelly, McLellan and Learn Gaelic dictionaries all give wood as a translation for coille I would argue that it is probably the more commonly used word in Scotland rather than forrest, and certainly at least as common. I am surprised that it is consistently rejected here.


Report it next time: click the little flag and choose "my answer should have been accepted."


What a strange sentence!


The lessons leading up to this REALLY need to do more to actually teach the difference between "anns an..." and "ann an..." Maybe its more obvious in the laptop/desktop mode as opposed to the phone app, but it feels like the difference hasn't been taught in any of the lessons.


Id also like to know why the forest wss marked incorrect.


Anns an coille....in the forest Ann an coille....in a forest

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