"Il faut lire beaucoup de livres pendant ses études."

Translation:It is necessary to read a lot of books during one's studies.

June 4, 2020

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Why is "He must read a lot of books during his studies." incorrect?

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I think that "he must read a lot of book during his studies" should be considered correct. I reported it.


"Il faut" is impersonal, like "it is necessary". So the "il" is not a "he".


We would use 'you' in English. You need to read lots of books during your studies.


"Clumsy" use of "one's" ... this sounds a pompous translation into English.


why has Duo started to translate "il faut" as "it is necessary" when the literal translation is "one must" or "one has to"? Surely the phrase "it is necessary" in French should be "il est nécessaire"


There is no literal translation of "il faut". "It is necessary" is a perfectly good translation, and it preserves the impersonal pronoun usage - what does "it" refer to in "it is necessary", or "it is raining"? Nothing, it is simply a figure of speech. The "il" in "il faut" is just the same.

Other good translations for "il faut" are quite possible - "one must/has to" "you must/have to", "we must/have to", even, with context, "you should", or "it takes". See: https://www.wordreference.com/fren/falloir


Duo, please when you correct me could you allow me to see where I did make a mistake, especially if I am thinking that your "correction" is just that which I was thought to have answered. A simple matter of formatting to see where a simple mistake was made to help imprint the correct answer in my mind. Thanks Duo!


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What is wrong with. One needs to read a lot of books during their studies.

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