"There were mice in the fitting room!"

Translation:Il y avait des souris dans la cabine d'essayage !

June 4, 2020

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The hint for this says 'dans le' and that is incorrect.


The hints are not meant to give you the exact answer for every sentence in the course, nor to remind you of nouns' genders. They are only reminders of the main, individual words' meanings across the whole course.

In this case, at level 25, you already know that "in the" can translate to "dans le, dans la, dans les" depending on the following noun. Up to you to pick the correct gender and number for the article in context.


Chambre v cabine - a definition, or a convention?


il y avait des rats dans la cabine d'essayage! Pourquoi pas RAT?


Rat et souris ne sont pas synonymes et pas de la même espèce dans la famille des rongeurs.

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