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"Hiertussen slaapt een schaap."

Translation:A sheep sleeps between these.

July 30, 2014



"A sheep sleeps between this" should also work, no?


This might be persnickety, but "between" implies that there are two things that surround something.

In "A sheep sleeps between this" the word "this" stands for some unspecified object, animal, person, event, time, etc.

Think about this sentence: "The sheep sleeps between this child."

It doesn't make sense. It leaves you wondering: between "this child" and what else?

But these sentences do make sense:

"The sheep sleeps between these children."

"The sheep sleeps between this child and the fireplace."

In the same way, I don't think "A sheep sleeps between this" makes sense, but "A sheep sleeps between these" does.


'Tussen' does not need a plural. 'Hij slaapt tussen het hooi' means 'he sleeps in the hay'. So 'this' should be accepted here.


It might just be me, but I feel that "between" as a rule requires more than one thing, or else it should just be "next to".


What is the difference between ertussen and hiertussen?


Ertussen translates to between/among it, whereas hiertussen translates to between/among these.


where do you get the "these " from? I got "in between sleeps a sheep" no mention of a plural at all?


The 'these' is contained in the 'hier' of 'hiertussen'. 'Between those' would be 'daartussen'.


Your translation works too, although it sounds a little poetic to me. The translation at the top of the page says “A sheep sleeps between these.” The plural is necessary because something can’t be between one thing.


What is the major difference between Hiertussen and Ertussen? Will someone be able to put it into the tips and notes? If there are someone firstly leads us the learners briefly through the topic, I guess the lesson will be more productive.

Just a suggestion.


Hi Da, "HIERtussen" emphasyses 'here',in this place. "ERtussen" put the accent on 'tussen' (between). A little difference. Bye. Lu.


Dank je wel , Lu


Wouldn't "A sheep sleeps in between here." also work? Let's say I'm standing in between two houses and next to me is a snoring sheep. No?


I'm not a native English speaker, but (in) between here doesn't sound like proper English to me. Accepted translations include (in) between these and among these.


I'm a native U.S. English speaker and I also put between here, and the example sim_schi gives is commonly used in situations like this (with the exception of the snoring sheep of course).


I'm confused about the word order. Why is it not "Een schaap slaapt hiertussen" ?


I think that it might be to do with emphasis. I would guess that in "hiertussen slaapt een schaap", the emphasis is on the location that the sheep is sleeping inbetween, whereas in "een schaap slaapt hiertussen", the emphasis would be that it is specifically a sheep (and not, say, een schildpad!) that is sleeping between them?


Both word orders seem ok to me


Is there a reason why the "hier" in hiertussen translates into these?


this truly a "❤❤❤ Duolingo" sentence.......

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