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  5. "She maybe missed her train."

"She maybe missed her train."

Translation:Elle a peut-être raté son train.

June 4, 2020



MAYBE must go at the beginning of this sentence!


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Note also that you could start the French sentence with "peut-être", but the sentence would then need some adjustment:

  • Peut-être a-t-elle raté son train: this is not a question but the verb-subject inversion can also used after "peut-être".
  • Peut-être qu'elle a raté son train: you need to add "que" after "peut-être".


This is terrible English.


I agree! Quite often, Duolingo has sentences with terrible English (do they even consult with English speakers?), and these sentences with "maybe" are a good example. I would substitute "Maybe she missed her train" or, better, "She might have missed her train." By the way, Google translates "Elle a peut-être raté son train" as "She might have missed her train."


What's wrong with "Elle a rate son train peut etre"?


Usually, "peut-être" is after the auxiliary. Yet it is not impossible to put it at the end, if you want to temper the preceding claim. However, this placement is not on the list of accepted answers.

Besides, "peut-être" needs its hyphen and circumflex accent.


CTRL-C CTRL-V and ignore the abomination

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