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  5. "Op zondagen werk ik niet."

"Op zondagen werk ik niet."

Translation:On Sundays I do not work.

July 30, 2014



Just wondering if "I don't work on Sundays." is acceptiable.


Yes, it is. "Op zondagen werk ik niet" means that you don't work on that day. So the answer "I don't work on Sundays" is good.


it was accepted when I typed it in


I would think so.


Just curious would the "'s ..." construct work here, something like: "'s Zondags werk ik niet" (not sure if it should be Zondags or Zondagen), or is it due to the "On" that we won't use that here?


Yes! And you used the right way to capitalize as well (many Dutch people don't)! Have a lingot :)


Thanks, Pauline :)


Would "ik werk niet op zondagen" be also correct?


What is wrong with i am not working on sundays


For habits (like not working on Sundays) present simple (I work) is used, not present continuous (I am working).


Could someone confirm this:

Inversion here is happening because "op zondagen" is a subordinate clause. If it contained a verb it would be at the end of the clause. Because of the subordinate clause starting the sentence, the verb "werk" is moved to the front of the main clause.


It is not a subordimate clause. The verb always comes second in main clauses, like this one.


Not really. In the sentence 'ik houd van kunst', the sentence coincides with the main clause, but there's no subject-verb inversion because: a) the sentence is not a question, and b) the clause begins with the clausal subject.


It's not really a subordinate clause (clauses always contain verbs, otherwise they are not really clauses), but an adverbial phrase.

Whenever you begin a sentence with something other than the subject of the main clause (notice how here I say main clause and not sentence anymore -that's because a sentence can be formed by a main clause, or a main clause and a subordinate clause in whichever order so to speak, or by two or more main clauses that are coordinated) there's subject-verb inversion.


I don't understand this inversion as well... Can someone please explain why we start with the verb? Thanks.


Ben ik Kortjakje???

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