"We're taking our daughter to high school by car."

Translation:Nous amenons notre fille au lycée en voiture.

June 5, 2020

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I thought that "emmener" was used "to take" people and "amener" was used "to bring" people.


You thought correctly.


"high school" in Commonwealth English is for students aged 11-18, so "collège" should also be a valid response here.


I don't think so, since the American "high school" mirrors the French "un lycée", for students aged 15-18.

Then, the French "un collège" is "middle school" in the USA, for students aged 11-14.


Yes, I know that in American English, "high school" translates to "lycée". But Duolingo is supposed to accept responses in both American and Commonwealth English, and in Commonwealth English, "high school" translates to either "collège" or "lycée" depending on the year that the student is in.

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Here in Allen Texas grades 1 through 6 are elementary school, grades 7 and 8 are junior high school, grades 9 through 11 are high school, and grade 12 is senior high school. I know that other places have a middle school, but even they have grade 12 as senior high school. I've heard that the reason for having a separate 12th grade is so they can have fewer schools to make the selection for football players better for the teams. Texas takes their high school football very serious.


Not only does duo not know good english, he's a bit lax in French! I've gone back to book learning after 776 days

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