"If it rains the day of your party, you'll be sad."

Translation:S'il pleut le jour de ta fête, tu seras triste.

June 5, 2020

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    "S'il pleut le jour de votre fête tu seras triste". Once again, a completely unjustified refusal which comes from a very primary approach to the meaning of sentences. Indeed it is perfectly possible to address a person by evoking a party organized by several people (therefore plural "votre") and conclude by speaking more particularly of his sadness to her (therefore singular "tu"). The list of inconsistent refusals is growing. It really gets way too long ....


    So far, DL has remained single-minded with "tu/ta" and "vous/votre" (and "he/his" or "she/her" in reverse translations) since it is really uncommon to move from "tu" to "vous" in the same sentence. Not that it is impossible, but it is more confusing or ambiguous than frequent.

    [deactivated user]

      Ok. I understand what you mean. But nevertheless it's not wrong. So the reject is very frustrating. I remain convinced that this is not the right educational solution. A simple explanation of refusal, like yours which you relentlessly strive for, but inevitably always "after the fact" would already allow better acceptance. Duolingo must move in this direction because I am sure that you will agree with me that declaring false, correct translations, whatever the reasons, has nothing relevant.


      I understand your frustration but think of beginners who are having hard times agreeing "tu" with "ton/ta/tes" and "vous" with "votre/vos". If DL starts allowing "tu/votre", they will never notice their mistakes.


      j'ai trouvé cette excellente page Internet reference sur le sujet de jour vs. journée, soir vs. soirée, etc.: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/vocabulary/an-jour-matin-soir-vs-annee-journee-matinee-soiree/ Néanmoins je me demande si "s'il pleut la journée de ta fête, tu seras triste" doit être permis pour cet exercice

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