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When will Dutch be ready for mobile?

Too excited!

July 30, 2014



Duolingo may push an update out after the release of Irish and Danish, since their releases will be relatively close to each other.


This is what we expect also.

We do not know any more than you do, but prior experience tells us that Duolingo tends to release updates for the app when there are (in Duolingo's viewpoint) enough tweaks and changes that make it worthwhile.

Duolingo is probably a) expecting the release of new courses soon (to me this seems the most likely, with Irish on the verge of going into beta), which they would also like to make available on the app or b) waiting for the development of a new feature (less likely, I haven't heard anything about this but who knows....).

Thus, we really cannot give you an ETA for Dutch on iOS and Android, not least because we have no insight into what and how Duolingo thinks and we do not know near enough about app development either. :)


I'm waiting for mobile to be ready so I can binge! Using the website isn't as convenient for me.


I'd much rather do this on mobile.


I really prefer the website, goes much faster, and you won't have autocorrect to help you ;)


Yes, but it's hard to do on the phone.


Think that's a great idea!!


New app update yesterday but no Dutch :(


Actually there was. But there is a bug ( talking about IOS APPLE)


I'm talking about apple as well. New update but can't learn Dutch on it.


I really can't wait... has anyone heard anything regarding the mobile release? Or does it only come out after it is out of Beta?

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