"Vous avez appelé les pompiers ?"

Translation:Did you call the firefighters?

June 5, 2020

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In the UK, we refer to them as "the fire brigade" so "Did you call the fire brigade" should be accepted, but wasn't.


'Have you called' = 'did you call' => same tense in English. Therefore 'Have you called the fire brigade?' should be accepted. (It's not 'fire brigade' that's the issue, because it does accept 'did you call the fire brigade')


In the UK we call the Fire Brigade


Have you called the fire brigade? Is indeed EXACTLY what we’d be asked in the UK. Come on DL.


"Have you called the fire service" was not accepted....


Would avez-vous be better?


Less casual, for sure, but both are perfectly acceptable.


Did you call the fire brigade also tried and rejected! DL definitely wants ‘firefighters’ and we simply would not say this in the UK. Have you called (or possibly did you call) the fire brigade? But when individual firefighters have an accident on the way to the blaze because they are driving too fast, THAT can be firefighters. (UK English.)

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Why appelé and not appelés?


The participle only agrees if the object pronoun precedes the auxiliary verb ( sorry - struggling to remember my English grammar terms!). Vous les avez appelés - there is an agreement on appelés (m.pl). But when the object is named in full and comes after the parts of the verb, it does not agree. J’ai appelé les pompiers. Je n’ai pas appelé les pompiers! Tu as pris ma voiture?- Oui, je l’ai prise. Hope this helps!


did you call the fire service - not accepted 27/2/22 - reported.

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