"I am in Stirling again."

Translation:Tha mi ann an Sruighlea a-rithist.

June 5, 2020

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'Ann an' does that mean in, or is it 'ann' whilst the an represents am/an i.e i am in the stirling


Ann an is the preposition meaning in. Historically it used to be just an (an Sruighlea = in Stirling, am bàta = in a boat), but that was confusing in certain contexts so people started doubling the preposition (ann an Sruighlea there, in Stirling; in in Stirling; ann am bàta there, in a boat; in in a boat) and that became the standard way of saying in (so ann an Sruighlea, ann an Glaschu in Glasgow, ann am bàta in a boat, ann am pàirc in a park).

The preposition changes before the definite article, so in the is anns + the article (and the article causes lenition in dative singular), eg. anns a’ bhàta in the boat, anns a’ phàirc in the park, anns na coilltean in the woods.

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