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Dutch - er, hier, daar

Could someone actually explain me the difference between these pronouns? Because on tips there's explanation for the usage of "er" but not for the other ones. The thing is, i don't really see the difference between for example

De hond slaapt ertussen and De hond slaapt hiertussen and not to mention about De hond slaapt daartussen

I mean - i see the difference between the pronouns alone, just per analogiam to english and german, but when they are merged with the prepositions i'm getting confused. Halp, plox :

July 30, 2014


  • De hond slaapt ertussen = The dog sleeps in between those (unstressed form of those, it's not really important between what the dog is sleeping, but it is sleeping between some things)
  • De hond slaapt hiertussen = The dog sleeps in between these
  • De hond slaapt daartussen = The dog sleeps in between those
  • De hond slaapt tussen 2 katten = The dog sleeps in between 2 cats

One tip ondertussen has nothing to do with this, it means meanwhile. :)


So they are just demonstartive pronouns, like italian questo/quello? The "hier-something" indicates that the location is closer to the speaker, "daar-sth" - further from him whereas "er-sth" shows that the location isn't really important in the sentence? :P

Thank you very much ;)

Oh, and one more thing, the two sentences:

"Ik fiets niets daarin" and "Ik fiets niet daarnaartoe" - the former means i don't bike "in there", like I'm not allowed to bike inside house, and the latter - like I'm not in the house and I'm not biking there, right?


I sincerely hope the first one isn't a sentence you've come across here on Duolingo, because it sounds like gibberish to me :) (native speaker)

I could change 'fiets' for 'stop' (coming from the verb 'stoppen', meaning to put), so the sentence would become "ik stop niets daarin" (I don't put anything in there). Your sentence "ik fiets niet daarnaartoe" (or alternatively: "ik fiets daar niet naartoe"), means "I'm not biking there" (in the sense of going there, not in the sense of biking around that place).

As for your intended sentence "I don't bike in there", that would be translated as "ik fiets daar niet in" or "ik fiets niet daarin" (thus, without the extra 's'). Remember that 'niets' means 'nothing' and 'niet' means 'not'.


Thanks a lot, that's what I wanted to know. And the "niets" was unintetional typo/brainfart, I meant "niet" ofc, . :)


I don't know any Italian so I can't comment on questo/quello. But you're right regarding the hier-something, there-sth and er-sth

  • hierin = in here
  • daarin = in there
  • erin = in it/there (unstressed, the main thing is that it goes/fits in it, it's not that important what the it is, or the er can refer to a previous sentence, e.g. Dit is een grote doos. Ik pas erin. = This is a big box. I fit in it.)

  • hierop = on top of this

  • daarop = on top of that
  • erop = on top of it/that (unstressed, similar to other er explanation)

  • hierna = after this

  • daarna = after that
  • erna = after it/that (unstressed, similar to other er explanation)

Etc. Enz.

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