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"Wij eten een goedkope maaltijd."

Translation:We are eating a cheap meal.

July 30, 2014



Goedkope= "Good copper." interesting.


Actually 'goedkoop' would literally be 'good buy' or 'good purchase'.
'Goedkoper' (meaning cheaper) could be literally translated into 'good buyer' or 'good copper' I guess.
'kope' doesn't translate into anything sadly, but 'koop' and 'koper' sure do! :-)


So "goedkoop" in this case is more like "inexpensive", not "poor" or "worthless"? Is that always like that, or can "goedkoop" also be used in the "worthless" sense?


It's a good observation because cheap has a negative connotation in English. So goedkoop should rather be translated as "inexpensive"


I know that it's been some time and that you might no longer be active here, or interested in hearing where the word derives from, I would like to just drop this entry into an etymological digital portal as I found it interesting myself: http://etymologiebank.ivdnt.org/trefwoord/goedkoop


so koperen is not copper?

"abkupfern" comes from the copperwork times, so they would copy some image/design (on/from wood?) into/onto copper

I'm not trying to say that it comes from copper, as it really rather tends to "kaufen" .. but those -whether coincidences or not-, might still have all along influenced speech somewhat, as ofc. people used to call their coins by what they were made of


Why is wij pronounced with a B and not a V?


One could regard inexpensive as a neutral word. Cheap has, perhaps, negative connotations, and bargain (as an adjective) is often seen as positive. Where does goedkoop sit on this scale? Can a person be "goedkoop" because he won't spend money? Does goedkoop imply "cheap and poor quality" or "a good quality inexpensive purchase, a bargain", or does it have no connotations other than "not expensive"?

Is a "goedkoop" meal one you would be content to buy for you wife or watchful mother-in-law? Or only for someone you would rather not be eating with again?


Is goedkope a de word?


Goedkope is an adjective, not a noun.


maaltijd is a de word


What's wrong with "We eat a bargain dinner."?


I think it has a different translation, bargain being a noun and cheap/inexpensive being an adjective.


I have found that expensive meals taste a lot better that there cheap counterpart


why cant i say we eat a cheap meal


I believe that this would rather be translated as “billijk”, as the term you would like to use is more colloquial. “Goedkoop” could be translated as “inexpensive”, I suppose. Yet these are just my two cents, I do not know if I'm right.


Goedkope comes after een but is not spelt goedkoop - why?

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