"Nous attendons debout depuis plus d'une heure !"

Translation:We have been waiting standing up for more than an hour!

June 5, 2020

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''We have been stood waiting for more than an hour!'' was marked wrong. Surely this is more normal spoken English in the UK than their 'correct answer?! I'll report.


Hi. Actually, in my opinion, the better translation would be "We have been standing waiting for more than an hour" or "We have stood waiting for more than an hour". The grammar of "We have been stood" is wrong, because stood can't be used after been. That's why stood is wrong. But you're right: "We have been waiting standing up for more than an hour!" is very unnatural. Hope this helps!


me too. reported also, as looks after 3 months they hadn't taken any notice of your post


The French is in the present tense so why is " we are standing for more that an hour" marked wrong????


I prefer "We've stood and waited" or "We've been standing here, waiting"


Please, could someone explain why the present tense "attendons" is used in this sentence and translated as "been waiting standing up ... " (past tense) ?


Because the action is still happening.... so its present tense. Action is NOT over which would require past tenses


Where is the past tense in French For me the correct translation is: We're waiting...


Re: "Nous attendons debout depuis plus d'une heure !"
I think the best translation would be, "We are still waiting, standing (up) for more than an hour". (Nous attendons encore/toujours, debout depuis plus d'une heure.)


"...waiting on our feet...." is more colloquial.


"… stood waiting …" leaves it standing, so to speak.

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