"Il a l'air méchant, mais il est juste timide."

Translation:He seems mean, but he is just shy.

June 5, 2020

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Naughty should also be accepted as a translation of méchant


I'm also trying to find another translation for méchant that is not 'mean'. We don't use the word 'mean' in that way in English English. Dogs, for instance, aren't 'mean' in these parts. Duo used to accept 'vicious' for méchant. Méchant meaning 'naughty' would apply more to children, I think.


What's wrong with "He appears mean, but he is just shy"


In English that would certainly be fine. On Duolingo it's hard to say if they have a fixed definition for "a l'air ..." which includes "seems", but not "appears".


He appears mean, but he's just shy = Reported via flag Feb 202 as "my answer should've been accepted."


Interesting. You never know until you hit that button! It accepted, "he looks mean, but he's just shy."


He looks mean, but he's just shy. = accepted Feb 2021.

[deactivated user]

    I think he appears mean has the same meaning as he seems mean. Is there a subtle difference in meaning?


    In English yes there's a subtle difference. Appear would normally be limited to visual appearances, while seem could be taking into account speech or attitude or other actions. I get the impression that the French phrase avoir l'air de is more like the latter so seem is probably a better translation. But it's close enough that I think they should allow both.


    i don't like 'mean' as a translation for méchant. What does mean mean?

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