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XP for Stories

We were getting 20-24 XP (points) for completing stories, now it's much less. Why was this changed?

June 5, 2020




I think this change is maybe going to slow down some cheaters in the leagues who keep abusing the stories day and night to gain inhuman amounts of xp.


Who cares? Aren’t they fun? Except “2042”—that one is horrible.

[deactivated user]

    What is it about ?


    They are, aren't they?


    I liked it, but it is really sad.


    I hope new stories arrive. I find some of them quite witty with a bit of irony.


    I listened to a couple of stories and I received 9 XP and thought WOW! They REALLY dropped the XP of the stories!! Not that it matters to me but I just didn't expect to see it drop THAT LOW. They weren't beginner stories, more like closer to the intermediate. The one's I did for the first time I received 22 XP and they too were in the intermediate category. Even though it doesn't matter to me, I noticed that the stories and the XP from them others look for as a "motivating" factor. Perhaps they did this to help stop cheaters? I just hope learners don't get hung up on it and decide to keep it in a learning perspective. :)

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