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"Malheureusement, il y a un retard de livraison."

Translation:Unfortunately, there is a delay in delivery.

June 6, 2020



I am rather tired of having to speak my own language badly to be marked correct!


It is time that DUO took note of our concerns over the fluency of translations into English. I have accepted over the year that there are obviously differences in the evolution of English on different continents, but the basic grammar and structure should be the same. My frustration has been such that I no longer use the language course. I only read the forum and when an interesting point comes up research it. If the errors is a product of a computer algorithm then someone should be checking and correcting fundamental mistakes, but this does not happen. Errors are then amplified by being back translated into French. We are of course learning French, but if our understanding of the meaning is clouded by poor translations we spend more time thinking about our own language than being fluent in french.


I really don't have these problems. I use the word tiles, 99% of the time the only plausible English sentence you can make with the tiles is the expected one. Maybe I would learn French better if I typed the words, but using the tiles avoids a lot of the frustration I see in these forums.


Unfortunately there is a delay with delivery: wrong?


unfortunately there is a late delivery. Means the same, got rejected?


That could mean the item has been delivered late, which is not quite what the French says.


"Unfortunately, there is a delay in the delivery" was marked incorrect on September 22, 2020


If you listen to this one on the slow version, he says "il igrec" instead of "il y."


Apparently "I grec" (Greek 'I') is the french name for the letter "y". You may also come across 'a l'accent grave" for "à"


When hovering on livraison (a new word) my Duo doesn't show what it translates to. Think this is a glitch.


Debra, you should report this with "the dictionary hints on hover are missing".


Same here. I've reported it.

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