"Max ne travaillera pas pendant tes vacances."

Translation:Max won't work during your vacation.

June 6, 2020

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It is clear that someone is telling somebody who goes on vacation that max won't work while they are gone. Duo often makes mistakes, this is not one of them. It is also not confusing, it's just not how you guys expected the sentence to go on, simple as that. Travaillera is third person singular, so they are clearly speaking about him, not to him but to somebody else, second person singular


I think you are right, but it's another example of Duo making learning difficult when no context is provided. Max could also be the partner/friend of the person and going on holiday with them.


I think that they are making it confusing because that is life! It isn't always cut and dry.


So is it somebody warning their boss to understand that Max won't work while you are on vacation?


I thought this was ne travailleras pas and max was being told not to work (obviously he's a workaholic). Duo actually accepted this. Was it just classed as a typo or do they sound the same anyway?


If someone is giving him a suggestion: Max, ne travaille pas pendant les vacances. Max, don't work during vacation, you need some time to relax. Of course Duo doesn't allow this. He wants us to work during vacation.


This one is confusing. You can infer that there is more than one person, but it's not clear without context. It would make more sense being Max won't work during his vacation, not your vacation.


Max is your employee and you know him to be lazy. This is your colleague telling you that she'll keep an eye on him because he probably won't do any work while you're gone.


Ah, thank you! I couldn't figure out what it meant. I thought "tes" should be "vos" (Max was the partner of the person being spoken to).


There's something sadly wrong with this translation. What is wrong with "Max will not work during his vacation" ?


Because it's not his vacation, it's yours!


I think that they are making it confusing because that is life! It isn't always cut and dry. Max ne travaillera pendant ses vacances, je pense, mais je ne suis pas sûre !


I agree - will not = won't. It might be Max's wife making the statement! There is an emphasis difference, no more


What kind of translation


Snitches get stitches and up in ditches


Couldn't hear that the speaker said tes, thought he said des!


How would you write " Max do not work (future tense) during your vacation" ? Thank you!

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