"A bheil seo dearg gu leòr?"

Translation:Is this red enough?

June 6, 2020

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It didn't like 'is this enough red' I'm not sure what is the difference


"red" is a different part of speech depending on its position relative to "enough".

In "is this red enough", "red" is an adjective and the question is about whether the redness of a certain object is according to a particular standard. In "is this enough red", "red" is a noun and the speaker is asking whether they've got enough of it. This difference is more apparent in sentences like "do you think I used enough red in this painting", not "do you think I used red enough in this painting", and "are the tomatoes red enough yet", not "are the tomatoes enough red yet". Compare also "is this colourful enough" (clearly an adjective) vs. "is this enough colour" (clearly a noun).

In the Gaelic sentence dearg can only be interpreted as an adjective, seeing as a bheil is not a form of the verb "to be" that can be used to connect a noun with another noun.

(Edit: I just realised "red" can also be a noun in "is this red enough" if "enough" is taken the predicate. Imagine for instance saying it whilst holding up a half-empty tube of red paint and wondering whether it is enough to complete whatever you're planning to use it for. This interpretation is excluded in the Gaelic sentence, however.)


So how would you say « Is this enough red? »

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