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"We must especially use less plastic."

Translation:Il faut surtout utiliser moins de plastique.

June 6, 2020


  • 2009

Why is it incorrect to start the sentence with ¨surtout¨? Surtout il faut utiliser moins de plastique. Marked wrong as of Feb. 1, 2021.


Why is "Nous devons partout utiliser moins de plastique." not acceptable?


Never mind. I see my error. Sorry.


"Il faut que l'on utilise moins de plastique en particulier." is rejected. Reported.

"Il faut que l'on utilise en particulier moins de plastique." is also rejected. Reported.

"Il faut en particulier que l'on utilise moins de plastique." is accepted.

I am far from convinced that the latter is the only viable interpretation of the English sentence. In fact, I think it is the least likely of the three.


A more closely equivalent statement in English would use "overall" or "moreover" instead of "especially" .


Surtout does mean especially

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