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How long does it take?

J'aime voir le end de un task dans mon mind!

Vous avez une idee de combien temps it would take to complete le cours de francais sur le Duolingo?

June 6, 2020



It is up to you - the goal is to learn more and more - not the speedness - learning languages is a longterm task - continue, and you get results. Duo gives a basic knowledge -


Thank you! I am really not in a rush, I just want to know how long it'd take! 2/3 years is fine for me.


So far you have done 130 crowns of 792. It'll get harder. Also, they recommend you use the hover method - ie take weeks or months to take a skill to level 5 - https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/


You and I have earned the same amount of crowns :)! I'd try out this hover method and see if I like it. Normally, I earn all 5 crowns of a lesson before I proceed to the next! But i have read the link you shared and would try it out!

Thank you Judit!


I believe that for the French course, if you do 15 mins a day, you should finish it within 2 years. However, of course, to get the results, you should use other resources as well as Duolingo


Alright! two years is a realistic target. Thank you. I am 6 months gone now :). I take one lesson that earns me one crown a day and 1 story a day.


No one can accurately answer your question. First, it's a moving target. You might be nearly finished and something will change and then you'll be a long way from finished. The English-to-French tree is particularly unstable. To give you some examples:

I finished the English>French course on duolingo in about six weeks. That was before crowns. Then I finished the English>Spanish course in about the same amount of time. I think I was spending well over an hour per day.

Then, about two years ago, they instituted the "crowns" system. I was given a mix of two and three crowns in my EN>FR tree. I think it probably took me about eight months to get my tree "golden" (all five crowns). Then they added some skills and it took me a few more months to get it golden again. Then even more skills were added. I'd say I have a mixture of 75% of my skills at 4 crowns and 25% of my skills at 5 crowns. Assuming nothing changes between now and then, I'd estimate having my tree golden again in about six weeks.

Six weeks from now will be mid-july, meaning that it will have taken two years and five months to get my tree golden. (By the way, I have 1071 crowns in French now. If you hang around through the updates you will have far more than the 792 crowns that show up on duome.)

But something may change between now and mid-July, meaning that I still might not have completed the tree. So I don't get too hung up on having a golden tree these days. Some of the updates have been for the worse and some for the better, but I could probably use the practice. Also, I dick around in this forum quite a bit which probably slows things down.

Second, it depends upon how much you do here per day. For stable, shorter trees I can give you a better, solid estimate. For example, I started Spanish>Catalan on March 9, 2019 and kept very detailed records of when when I worked on it, and when I took breaks and worked on other languages, and had that tree golden April 20, 2020. I have a pretty good estimate that I spent 186 hours on that project. That tree has 315 crowns.

If we assume that the French tree will not change for a while, and that the length of time to complete a skill from English to French is similar to that required to complete a skill from Spanish to Catalan, then we can use this: (792/315)*186 = 468. So it should take about 468 hours to complete the French tree starting at zero crowns. If a person spent one hour per day working on French from English--total, not counting surfing the forum or looking up articles on the side for a deeper understanding, but just the actual time spent in the duolingo lessons--then it would take about a year and four months to complete the tree.

Bear in mind that this is a very low-end estimate. In order for you to spend an hour working on duolingo skills, you'll likely be on your computer for about 3 hours. This is because sometimes you'll miss one and click on the discussion and read it. Sometimes you'll have a question which is not answered in the discussion and you'll take the time to create a forum post. In the forum you'll notice other interesting threads that attract your attention like clickbait. You might refer to LaRousse or Academie Fran├žaise dictionaries, or to websites and blogs to answer questions, even in the middle of a lesson. You might complete the stories, which is helpful, but this will not count toward the completion of the tree. So maybe you spent three hours in front of the computer with a duolingo window open, but of that only one hour was spent actually doing duolingo lessons. So if you're willing to spend three hours per day for a year and four months, then a year and four months is probably a good estimate. (Again, assuming no updates, which is also unlikely.)

Ultimately, however, since the goal is to learn to speak and understand and read and write French none of that really matters. You may well be proficient in French long before you have a golden tree. I can read French newspapers and understand all of what I read. I can read French novels if they're not too boring. I can watch French news and understand most of it. Films are wicked hard, but I can have conversations with French people. I have rented a condo in France and not have to resort to handwaving when the landlady explains the policy to me, or directions to the pool, etc. And I can do all that without having a golden tree. So don't worry too much about completing the duolingo course. Use it as a tool--one of many tools--and so long as it is never completely finished, you'll still have something to look forward to when you come back to duolingo for a refresher.


Wow! Thank you for the detailed break down, I actually just discovered the forum after checking out the web app. I have been using the mobile app to practice and the forum option is not available on it! Hence I don't have any distractions while practicing!

I have set one crown a day target for myself for proper assimilation so 792 crowns could mean 2years and 2 months if i don't miss any day and if there are no changes to the current syllabus. I have 129 crowns already so thats 663 crowns to go! that's 1 year and 10 months more to go!.

I am already enjoying the proceeds of my time and efforts though! so yeah the goal is mainly to communicate properly in French! Having a gold tree is a proof of discipline and consistency and I'd like that as well.

Merci beaucoup Angus, pour votre temps!


When you get further along, or maybe now if you're ready for it, consider watching intermediate blogs such as Nathalie FLE, Fran├žais avec Pierre, or Parlez-vous French.

Consider watching the news as well. I like France24.fr (click on "en direct"). I also read LeMonde.fr on line almost daily. French in Action is pretty good for listening comprehension as well.


Alright. I'd start with the intermediate blogs, and the listening comprehensions! As I get better, I'd move to watching the news.

Thank you for the suggestions. Tu es generous :).


It depends on how hard you work. I spend fifteen to thirty minutes per day in actual lessons (as opposed to this forum) and my tree will reach level 2 in a little over a year. My daily goal is set to the lowest level so it takes me five days to get one crown. I could spend fewer minutes per day but when I have questions I go look stuff up, and sometimes the rabbit hole is deep. As, you can see from my streak I have been at it for just over two years already.

792 crowns in the French tree, times 5 days per crown, divided by 365.25 days per year, equals just shy of 11 years to complete the tree. Luckily I am in no hurry!

If you do a crown per day you could knock it out in just over two years.


Wow! Thank you for this analysis! I was really hoping to hear from you guys that have been on it for years! I also don't want to rush it as I am really interested in learning the language properly! But my target is a bit more ambitious! I aim at one crown a day! so 2 to 3 years sounds like something I could do!

Merci beaucoup Jeff!


Yes, but that is to get the whole French tree to level 5. Once the tree has got all skills to at least level 1, I would move on to something else, but regularly coming back to Duo to progress further.


I question how much you will retain if you just look at each skill once. It shouldn't take you long though. Perhaps as little as a couple of months if you focused just on French. If by "something else" you mean other French training then your time here wouldn't be wasted. If you mean learning robotics or gourmet cooking then I don't know why you'd bother with Duolingo. In two years it will be almost as if you never did it.


Personally, I prefer to complete the 5 crowns of a lesson before moving to the next.

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