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  5. Any way to merge students?


Any way to merge students?

I have two students that are the same person. I also have the passwords to both accounts. Would it be possible to merge them, like you can with classrooms?

June 6, 2020



Unfortunately it's not possible to merge accounts. I would suggest having your student use one account from now on, and removing the other from your classroom to avoid confusion.


Thanks. Will do


Yeah, just have them choose the one they like best. If the two accounts are not at the same level, the student can test out of easy skills by hitting the icon that looks like a key on each skill. Or, they can click on the castle icon below a bunch of skills (these are the checkpoints). They will get three "hearts" when they try to test out -- That equals no more than four wrong answers. If they lose all the hearts, they will have to do the skill.

Hope this helps!

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