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"Ik wil nog één dingetje zeggen."

Translation:I want to say one more thing.

July 31, 2014



Can it be translated as "I want to say yet another thing"?


Unfortunately, it was marked as incorrect.


Well, the question here is not how it's marked, but whether this phrase is correct in English. I'm not a native speaker, so for me it's hard to judge.


It's correct. So are some other, and quite acceptable, possibilities that are marked incorrect.


I want to say yet another thing = I wil nog iets anders zeggen.


Wouldn't that mean "I still want to say something else"?


Sorry for replying here to chartsman, but it's too nested.

Still-> nog steeds, as far as I know.

So it'd be something like ik wil nog steeds iets anders zeggen (I think, learner here!)


Your point would be clearer if you set "anders" in bold in place of "iets". That being said, although I agree that there is a difference in nuance, where this translation indicates that the thing being said is different from the things being said before, I still think that it is a valid translation. If the speaker puts a lot of verbal emphasis on "nog", then that emphasis would indicate that the thing being said is different as well.

[deactivated user]

    This is one of those Dutch sentences where I find difficulty in remembering which English translations are acceptable. I have got it right before, but not this time. I said, "I want to say one thing more", and it was marked wrong. Granted, the emphasis is on the word "more", but the meaning is the same: I want to add something to what has been said already".


    What a classic lie of office meeting....


    How would you say "I would like to say one more small thing"?

    Ik wil graag nog één dingetje zeggen. ?


    "Ik zou graag nog één dingetje willen zeggen"


    What's the difference between wil graag and zou graag?


    Zou graag is more polite


    How literal are we? Is " I want to say another thing" a possibility? Not as conclusive as "one more"


    The accents on "één" make sure that it means "one" and not "a(n)". So in this sentence it is a pretty strong "one more", as opposed to simply "another".


    I've always wondered why bother, in any language, to distinguish between "a" and "one" until I found this sentence, where the emphasis actually makes a small difference.

    Thanks for the accent explanation. :)


    Of course. I knew that. Funny how things escape your attention. The accents on the e's make all the difference. Thanks for your reply


    Why not "one small thing"?


    I guess it's because you're missing 'more' (nog) there.


    If there is a difference in pronunciation between "een" and "één", I can't hear it. Is there normally a detectable difference in the spoken forms?


    Een, the indeterminate article is pronounced as "an" in "an apple". Één, the numeral, is pronouncen as "ain" in the English "rain"


    I disagree. Presuming US English, the 'e' in "een" sounds more like the 'u' in "duh", than like the 'a' in "an".

    [deactivated user]

      One more??!!!! What word means more here??


      'nog' in this case. 'Nog een' means 'another one' or 'one more'


      shouldnt it be "ik wil nog één dingetje TE zeggen"


      No, there's no "te" with certain modal verbs. Perhaps it doesn't help that "want" is not a modal verb in English, but we have the same concept with other verbs--"We must go," not "we must to go."


      So to give an example of a sentence where you would use "te": "ik heb nog een dingetje te zeggen" = I have one more thing to say


      if nog = "still" but "nog een" = one more, how would you say "I still want to say one more thing" ???


      Ik wil nog steeds nog één dingetje zeggen


      Could you say "ik wil één meer dingetje zeggen?"


      No, because meer is an adverb, and adverbs premodify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs, but not nouns.

      So, 'one more' = nog één


      "I want to say one thing more". Was not accepted, reported.


      "I want to say one thing more" is also correct in English; it is just a more emphatic version which would be used when having a row. Definitely not wrong

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