"Tha am pathadh orra."

Translation:They are thirsty.

June 6, 2020

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Oirre and orra sound exactly the same to me.


I'm losing hearts at a rate of knots with this oirre/orra business!


Me too! It's 50/50 whether I get it right or wrong!


Yes, I am also finding these two sounding same. It would be nice to hear then side by side. Fheard and dhearg also sound the same.


As a learner this is really frustrating. I may be starting to hear a tiny difference between the final vowel sound - something like the difference between 'horror' (orra) and 'or a' (oirre) when spoken quickly in a sentence. i.e. oirre ends with a slightly wider mouth?


I think I may have had a breakthrough myself. Orra sounds like it is spoken in one go, if you get me, but to me oirre sounds like there is a tiny hyphen in there, oir-re.


Pro tip for everyone, write oirra when you cant distinguish between oirre and orra. Yes it teaches you wrong but you will be marked correct for it as it just thinks you're making a spelling mistake. Removes the frustration a bit but it is appalling that a language learning app is teaching you to spell things wrong instead of just updating the course.


Am getting fed up of losing hearts to this. Cannot tell the difference between ourre/orra at at.


Since pathadh sounds so much like parched I want to say that, instead of thirsty.

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