Log in glitch?

I created an account here using Facebook nearly two years ago. I recently changed my email address on Duolingo to one that I use more often. I got on the computer to do some learning a few days later, and I was signed out of my account. I could no longer log in with the Facebook option or by using the new email address and my FB password. I'm not able to change my password either, because it does not accept the FB password. This has been the case since late last week. Thankfully, I just realized that I was logged in on my tablet and was able to change the email address back to match my Facebook one. I was then able to log in again.

Using the non-Facebook email address and trying to reset my password does not work. I do not receive emails in my inbox nor junk folder, even though other Duolingo emails come through. Contacting support just lead to a generic "Check you spam folder" reply.

OS: OS X 9.4 Browser: Safari

July 31, 2014


It also seems I've lost the Words tab. Is it gone from everyone, or am I just unlucky at Duolingo lately?

Not everyone has the Words tab, only a small group have it as it is a beta test. So you were lucky when you had it. I do not know about the rest, but I had set up a different account once and with a different email = different accounts.

Hi ccf63,

The best place for your post is the Troubleshooting forum. You can move this over there by editing your account, choosing "Troubleshooting" from the drop down menu, and then saving your post. If Troubleshooting isn't on the menu, you'll need to subscribe to it first, then edit your post. If you're not sure how to subscribe to a forum, you can follow these instructions provided by the (unofficial) Duolingo Wiki.

Additionally, before saving the changes, you'll want to add what operating system and browser you're using. This will help the tech team. And in case staff have already answered this question, try using the search bar in the Troubleshooting forum.

I've never connected my Duolingo and Facebook accounts before, but if that is the source for the problem, have you tried changing your email and password back to the one you were using before?

Meanwhile, some people's email accounts automatically delete spam. In case that is what's happening, you can add Duolingo to your address book so it won't get blocked. Add and

Next, if you are using Gmail, they have some odd extra tabs that go horizontal across the page. These tabs say things like "social". I lost an email once because I didn't even realize those tabs were there.

As an extra assurance to receiving all of your emails from Duolingo and not having them get lost amongst your other notifications, you can create an email filter (folder) that will send all Duolingo emails to the same place, separate from your other messages. Here is an instruction guide for how to do that.

I'm not part of the tech team, but I hope this can help. Good luck! ^_^

Wow, thank you for that! Off to play around with Gmail to see what I can do!

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