"Je crois qu'on a volé ma voiture parce que je ne la trouve plus sur le parking."

Translation:I think that my car was stolen because I can no longer find it in the parking lot.

June 7, 2020

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I think that someone stole my car because I can no longer find it in the parking lot. was rejected. reported 6/6/2020


still the same - 30/05/2021


I would agree the us of "on"


I would agree as the inclusion of "on" brings a person jnto the sense of the sentance


The literal translation of the sentence is that "....someone stole my car....". Therefore, that answer should be acceptable.


Same problem as rodlayton. What’s with the insistence on the passive? Does the French language not want to acknowledge that, if the car was stolen, it had to have been stolen by someone? Accountability is an American value, though you’d never know it from our current president.


"I think that someone stole my car because I can't find it anymore in the parking lot." Marked wrong, but should be accepted. Will report.


'I think that someone stole my car because i can no longer find it in the parking lot' was not accepted. Surely, 'qu'on a vole ma voiture' means 'someone stole my car', but Duo insists on 'my car was stolen' which would be 'ma voiture a ete volee'.


I agree. Very weird, isn't it?


Same problem ....my car was stolen or someone stole my car .....both are correct but only one accepted


"je crois" literally means "I believe", does it not?


"I think that someone has stolen my car because I can no longer find it in the parking lot" Rejected! Why? Reporting.


Me, too. I also reported.


Duolingo really needs some native english speakers and to lose the stupid voices. They are losing credibility.


Maybe they think it's implied, but there is no form of "pouvoir" in that French sentence. I said "I don't find it anymore", which seems more literal.


"Pouvoir" is often implied in French sentences that use the present indicative. Without the "can/ or able" the English is awkward: "I think that someone stole my car because I find it no longer in the parking lot" - just doesn't make sense until you add the "can". Hope that helps


Je suis furieuse parce que je ne comprends plus ces exercises!


Why is it no longer in the parking lot and not find it in the parking lot.


Car park not parking lot in UK English please!!

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