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Bug report: sync after flight mode; progress lost

Hi there,

When completing a couple of lessons in flight mode, I switched off flight mode and I noticed that all my progress I made during being offline was gone. It simply got reset back to the state before I went offline.

I'm using the latest iPhone version.

Hope this can be fixed,



July 31, 2014

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Hi Martijn,

The best place for this is the Troubleshooting forum. You can move your post over there by editing it, selecting "Troubleshooting" from the drop down menu, and then saving. If you do not have Troubleshooting on your drop down menu, you'll need to subscribe to that forum. If you're not sure how to do that, just follow the steps in this entry of the (unofficial) Duolingo Wiki

However, I suggest first always using the search bar in Troubleshooting to see if staff has already helped someone troubleshoot this issue.

Good luck! :)

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