"I try to go to the island."

Translation:Io provo ad andare all'isola.

May 11, 2013

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Is "Provo andare all'isola." any different to "Provo a andare all'isola."

I always thought that the 'a' was necessary in 'provare a fare qc'.


"Provo andare all'isola" is very awkward Italian; it should be either "Provo ad andare sull'isola" or "Cerco di andare sull'isola". "All'isola" isn't wrong but uncommon, and you sure need some preposition before the infinitive here.


Ah ok thanks, I thought that provare was being used as some sort of modal verb there. But I forgot to make it 'ad' in my example too. Is "sull'" then generally the preposition to use when using 'isola' as your location, similar to using 'in' when using a country as your location?


Yes, when talking about an island it'd be "vado sull'isola", but if you name it it becomes "vado a Capri" (Capri is a small island), "vado in Sardegna" (Sardinia is big enough to be a region).

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