"Il veut un pull alors sa mère lui en tricote un."

Translation:He wants a sweater, so his mother is knitting him one.

June 7, 2020

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Knitting him one ... so why "en" and "un" ?


It's essentially saying "one of them". Using just "un" would be "she knits one" but in French you need to specify one of what


He wants a sweater, so his mother is knitting one FOR him.


"He wants a sweater so his mother is knitting him one of them" was marked wrong. I think DL should accept it. If the boy wanted an ice-cream, an anglophone would say "He wants an ice-cream so his mother is buying him one of them'' . To say "...one of it" sounds awkward.


'he wants a sweater so his mother-in-law knits him one' is rejected. True it does not emphasise that the knitting is still going on and is not concluded . The English sentence is not ungrammatical and has a meaning, how would it be translated into English? (One could always check with Google translate but I have little confidence in it). One could also say ´... so his mother proceeds to knit him one' which Duo no doubt would reject.


Why the need for both "EN" and "UN" for "one" ?


Because 'en' can also mean 'one of them', which is the sense here.


Is it possible to say "...sa mere tricote le lui.


I used pullover, same as sweater, but not accepted.


He wants a sweater so his mother knits him one....wrong really? Duo put ...is knitting him one.

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