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"I have our plane tickets but do you have yours?"

Translation:J'ai nos billets d'avion mais avez-vous les vôtres ?

June 7, 2020



Why is it wrong to use ...as-tu...? This sentence could refer to friends taking a vacation together, which would make the informal 'tu' acceptable. N'est-ce pas? The whole sentence I typed... "J'ai nos billets d'avion mais as-tu les vôtres ?


I think if you use "as-tu" you'd need "le tien" for one person's single ticket. Or "avez-vous" needs "les vôtres" for a group and their tickets, or "avez-vous" with "le vôtre" for a formal address.


I don't agree. "I" and the first "you" could be singular as J90a8 says, as two guys who have supposedly both bought several tickets would be discussing for example of their families' vacation. Hence, the "our" and the "yours" could therefore follow in plural. Maybe the french language doesn't follow this kind of logic...?


J'ai nos billets d'avion mais tu as les votres? and J'ai nos billets d'avion mais as tu les votres? were not accepted as of January 2022.

As I (singular) have our(plural) tickets, you(singular) also may have your(plural) tickets.


I'm confused about usage of vôtres vs vos


"vos" is a determiner/article and translates to "your" (implied it's plural) and is used with a noun. "les vôtres" is a possessive pronoun and translates to "yours".

2nd-person plural determiners (your) : "votre" when singular, "vos" when plural.

2nd-person plural possessive pronouns (yours) : "le/la vôtre" when singular, "les vôtres" when plural.


If I have all my family members' tickets, then "j'ai les notres" and sb would ask me "tu as les votres?"


I don't understand the difference between les votre and vos, or why notre gest no s but votre does??


J'ai nos billets d'avion mais vous avez les vôtre? didn't work for Duo

Does it have to be avez-vous? Because using "vous" implies formality?


The English text is ambiguous and "yours" could be either a possessive singular or plural. I chose to translate it as the former ("...avez-vous le vôtre") and got it marked incorrect.

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