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"J'aimerais bien faire un tour après le dîner."

Translation:I would like to take a stroll after dinner.

June 7, 2020



"I would really like to take a stroll after dinner" was rejected. If bien has no effect on the translation, why would it be added?


It has been explained that adverbs tone down the verb aimer.

The strongest "love of my life" would be told simply "je t'aime". Less strong feelings (like a close friend) would be expressed as "je t'aime bien" or "je t'aime beaucoup".

I think it's similar when using aimer with objects and ideas. The adverbs tone down or minimize the verb. I notice from native French that aimer bien is very commonly used.

The best discussion I found:


Duo is giving us good French here. From Duolingo forum:


There's a good discussion en français at this link:



Why bien? I know aimer+bien means like when used with a person as the object, but since a person isn't involved here, isn't aimer "like" by default. If bien is being used for emphas, i.e. "really like", or " like a lot" etc, no such option appears in the selection of choice boxes.


aimer (person) = LOVE!// aimer + bien (person) = LIKE as friend / aimer + beaucoup(person) = really like as friend... maybe BFF. Aimer + article + THING = like/love... j'aime le chocolat ! Aimer + beaucoup le chocolat= really really like chocolate.... Aimer + bien le chocolat(ambiguous definitely less than beaucoup but some say more than plain 'aimer'; some say 'less' than plain aimer...(seems more logical to be 'more than plain aimer.. but less than "Aimer + beaucoup").

Now for Aimerais BIEN! . Key here is CONDITIONAL tense and 'apres le diner'! Aimerais (would like...conditional) is expressing a liking without an insistence/expectation of very likely and imminent... fulfillment like daydreaming. Voudrais(would like) while polite comes with expectation of imminent and likely fulfillment...in a restaurant you wont use aimerais ..but voudrais.

Now aimerais +' the filler 'Bien' == signifies hey no pressure but I am more than daydreaming ...i hope we can do it not immediately but let's fit it in eh! So Aimerais Bien stronger than aimerais but not as insistent as voudrais.


It has to be "a stroll"? Not just "a walk"?


If faire un tour means "se promener" according to an earlier question, why is "take a walk" not accepted?


There are several correct answers on the list that use the phrase "take a walk". You may have had some other error.


I am intrigued by the idea of "un tour" being a stroll on foot, especially as the famous "Tour de France" is conducted on bicycles!


Here's a weird one. It's telling me I'm "missing a space" between J' and aimerais. ?!?!? At least it didn't count it wrong, but still...

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