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"Elle m'a oublié, alors elle n'a même pas appelé."

Translation:She forgot me, so she didn't even call.

June 7, 2020



I'm fine with the translation, but the sentence makes no sense in English. "So" means that the first part is the basis for the second part. I could understand "She forgot me so she called me to apologize," or "She didn't call because she forgot me," or "She forgot me and she didn't even call," but forgetting someone isn't the basis for a decision not to call you. If you don't call because you forgot, then you'd use "and" because one didn't cause the other. Forgetting caused both.


In English, I would say "she forgot about me", but Duo marked that wrong. Sigh.


Wayne, good comment. Duo's translation makes not sense and if I were given the English to translate to French, I'm guaranteed a bong on the buzzer. Thank you for taking the time to express it so well.


she has forgotten me so she hasn't even called me - why would this be marked wrong? Please


If you write " she forgot me and she hasn't even called " it means the same as duo's answer. This should be accepted.


I'm confused about the verb appeler and the use of 'call'. Is this the American way of talking about a phone call or does it mean literally to call on (visit) someone? As an English person, I thought it must be the first, but Duo didn't understand when I said "didn't even ring" which is a normal English way of talking about a phone call.


The microphone is off every day at this time. (It will be back in one hour) ?


Oscar's diction is hard to understand. "Elle" sounds like "eux le" to me.

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