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  5. "We hebben de trein genomen."

"We hebben de trein genomen."

Translation:We have taken the train.

July 31, 2014



Is 'we hebben de trein genomen' more formal than 'we hebben de trein gepakt'?


Yes. You can always use the former, I would only use the latter in an informal setting.


Are we have taken the train. And we took the train, Translations of this sentence?


we took the train sounds more natural to me but it was marked wrong


Took = namen, have taken = hebben genomen. Past simple vs present perfect


Why did the stem of "nemen" change here?


It's a strong (irregular) verb, it doesn't follow the rule for weak verbs:

Ik neem

Ik nam

Ik heb genomen


Thank you! Very can I find more about the strong/irregular Dutch verbs? Is it explained in a tips and notes section somewhere?


I'm not sure about the tips and notes here; someone else may be able to point you in that direction. I make extensive use of onzetaal.nl (https://onzetaal.nl/taaladvies/advies/sterk-zwak-onregelmatig-werkwoord) for reference purposes, but it's in Dutch so depending on your experience it might be too advanced.

Most of the lists Google suggests are sorted alphabetically, which is fine if you like to memorise lists, but I prefer to group the verbs by the way they're irregular, as it helps me to remember which ones do what. The Wikipedia page about this (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_conjugation#Strong_verbs) is good, though rather detailed.


You can also check www.dutchgrammar.com

Here you can check somevof the grammar Tips and Notes:


Also, if you get on the desktop version and go to the discussions, you'll find a thread a user made where he shared a compilation he made of all the grammar Tips and Notes. A similar document used to be available on the Duolingo Dutch Learners group (but I don't know whether it's still there, since I'm not a member of that grouo anymore).


Typo: group.

I have a mild form of dyslexia.... Hopefully, people will understand.


apparently 'we' and 'wij' don't mean the same thing?


if you had a listening exercise you need to type the one the TTS pronounced, if you didn't get a listening exercise you should report it.

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