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Help for Afghan Refugee family now living in U.S.

I am trying to find an online program to help newly arrived Afghan family, via 3 years in Turkey, learn to speak English. Is this a good site for this? How would they go about it? Thanks, Robin

June 7, 2020



This is a very good site! I think if they just set up an account, it would be very easy for them to learn. They have a Turkish to English course that they can take. It's all very self-explanatory


All your family needs to do is set up an account, and they can start playing. Duolingo has two advantages:

  1. Mistakes are corrected instantly

  2. It feels very much like a game.

I also recommend Mango Languages and Memrise, as other good, free programs.

Good luck to you and your friends!


I don't know if they have a Turkish to English course, but you can learn some basic English here.

[deactivated user]

    Maybe it could work, I didn't learn english from duolingo but i certainly helps me with german and helps sharpen my french so the english course might help them achieve basic fluency

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