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Do you really dislike my posts?

Why do my posts relating to French get downvoted so much?

I am extremely disappointed for what recently happened to my posts.

Is this because people think I am just too dumb for learning French and I am asking stupid questions in the Discussion?

The reason why I posted more than a question in a single post(1) is to avoid people assuming me posting rubbish. But this strategy I used in the German forum certainly doesn't work here (or maybe anymore since Duolingo has changed a lot in 4 years)

If the downvotes keeps going on and on, I'll delete my post as soon as a fluent French speaker answers all my questions, because seeing these downvotes are way too painful for me and my motivation in learning French.

None of these happened when I was asking questions in the German forum 4 years ago. I've posted hundreds of questions about German there and only a few of them were heavily downvoted even though the questions are about some simple German grammar, verbs, etc. Don't believe me? I've calculated the number of my posts in the German forum in my Email. 263 posts in total. Remember, they contain more than a question as I've said before in (1). Thanks to my curiosity in German language I am now fluent in German and currently studying in Germany. All that thanks to Duolingo!

I might will have contributed a lot in the French forums by also applying that strategy but the fact that my posts in the French forum are heavily downvoted (-5) is just destroying and seriously hurting my motivation in learning French. I assumed that if I used exactly this strategy in French, I would also succeed to be fluent in French, and you too.

As you can see, below are some of the posts that have been heavily downvoted a long time ago for no reason:

https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39369763 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39184727 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38656673

It's going to be my 100th day of learning French in the next 3 days. I guess I don't have to celebrate here since I'm terrified that the post will be hidden from the Discussion in less than 24 hours.

I hate to say this, but: I've been considering that I should rather stay silent and avoid accessing the forums. I thought that such posts from me might also help improve your French. Unfortunately, not only do my posts doesn't help you at all, but they also get downvotes. Perhaps I am the only newbie here since all of you in the French forum are masters of the language.

If I've been violating the guidelines or have hurt someone that caused him/her to downvote my posts, I am terribly sorry for my actions.

June 7, 2020



Most posts become downvoted over time. But they only disappear from public view on the New Discussion tab once they go to -5 or lower on the votes.

It would be nice if you didn't delete a post after you receive answers that took someone else time to write up for you and any other reader of that post.

The posts would also be available for someone else to possibly find in a search, if they have the very same question, if you don't delete them. Look up any topic in French, and you will see that posts from 5 years ago are still there, helping people with their questions.

You just don't see this happening in the background, because if people search and find an available answer, then they didn't post a question for everyone to see, but these old posts could be helping many, many people, since millions of people have tried doing some lessons here.


why do most posts get downvoted?


I think the fact that French is the 2nd most-learned language in Duolingo contributes a chunk to the cause why posts are getting downvoted.



Do you really think the user that has been using the forum and learning here for more than 3 years like me doesn't even know a single damn thing about the downvote system???

I'm convinced that by the time a person clicks on my post that has -5 or worse will immediately distrust it and will certainly refer himself to another 'beautiful' post. And by the way, these questions i posted are not new because I believe someone before me asked those too. But the only difference is: their posts gain more upvotes than mine.


Don’t take it personally. The aforementioned posts are questions. Lots of posts that ask questions get downvoted, nothing you personally are doing wrong. :)


Yes, it's not personal. I see that most of you are learning French so, I think that this is a perfect opportunity to tell you to check out my STORY INVENTION COMPETITION in French (obviously!). Here's the link :) https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39310910


The three posts you mentioned had good questions, and ones that would be difficult to answer via "just googling", as some would recommend.

I am not sure why people are so quick with their hostility here. I have not found this to be the case on any other language forum.

Best wishes, and good luck with your German and French!


Duolingo is getting worse. Period.


people just downvote because they get downvoted themselves, it's a never ending chain. hope it brakes though


I’ve noticed that too...I’ve gotten downvoted for asking questions...it’s weird. I thought it was a pretty positive community.


People have opinions, and some (or most, as your saying that you have alot of downvotes) might not like what youve written (for some odd reason). You are not doing anything wrong.


The downvotes weren’t even for opinions — just questions — and not even annoying questions LOL.


More upvotes than downvotes, exactly what I expected after posting it . Does one really need to cry in order to be heard?

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