"Il ne va pas maigrir en mangeant tout ce chocolat."

Translation:He is not going to lose weight from eating all this chocolate.

June 8, 2020

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In British English we would leave the "from" out, or we might say "by eating all this chocolate."


American English too. It's bizarre to have to add "from".


the English translation is very awkward


"from" isn't used in this context in English.


This is not actually how we would say this in English. We would say "He is not going to lose weight eating all this chocolate." Duo insists on the "from" in this construction repeatedly in this unit, but it isn't normal English. Another normal English alternative would be to say "He is not going to lose weight while eating all this chocolate." I'm ok playing along with what Duo wants as the right answer, but it might be misleading to non-native English speakers.


"From" doesn't sound good here. "By" would be better


It's almost as if the answers are written by someone who doesn't speak English. Where is the word meaning "from" in the question, doesn't "en mangeant" mean while eating and in english the word while can be left out! Duo get you act together.

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