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How do I restart a lesson?

I was experimenting with the Spanish lesson, but not I want to go back and start over. I don't see any way to "go back" or "start over" in the lesson interface. It seems that once you click the Continue button, you're screwed. ?

August 14, 2012



Hmm, I tried that, but it didn't being be back to the beginning of the lesson - it brought me to the question that I left off on. I was just playing with the interface, but now I want to start over "for real". But it sounds like that is not possible (without signing in with a different account, which is strange that that would be encouraged). Thank you!


On my iPhone, I click on quit at the top left corner of the screen. I have a question, though: since I recently updated the Duolingo Spanish, now I have no start button anymore. I have finished all my lessons on the tree. Can anybody help? I saw another blogger say the same thing, so I wonder if it's iOS 7 on particular models of phones?


Hmmm, that's unfortunate. Are there better web sites out there for learning then?


Just click Home button at the top of the page and it will send you back to the skill tree. From here you can re select the lesson you want. This has been working for me although it may be a few more clicks than you like.


Hmm... really? On my end if I press home it resets my whole lesson even if I was almost done. Been using this to reset if I get first few questions wrong and want to start over. Maybe someone from Duolingo can help. Good luck!


where is the HOME button ? I work on PC spanish DL and can't see any home button ! By the way , this home button performs home . where to ?


Maybe you can't do it for the initial lessons. Just a guess


I am trying to restart Clitics. Instructions says hit the Home button at the top of the page but there is no Home button at the top of my page. All I have is Learn, Stories, Discuss, Shop, More. Can you advise? thanks, John

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