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  5. "Ik drink thee en eet brood."

"Ik drink thee en eet brood."

Translation:I drink tea and eat bread.

July 31, 2014



Why drink, why not drinkt? :(


When using 'ik' verbs don't take a final -t.

Ik drink.

Je drinkt.

Hij drinkt.

Ze drinkt.

Het drinkt.

We drinken.

Jullie drinken.

Ze drinken.


Thee is pronounced weirdly in this, like its trying to use the english TH rather than the dutch Th sound


Curiously, I get different audio for the exercise and this forum page, but neither sounds correct.


Why drinking and eating and not drink and eat?


Cmon guys, silly typo in english (typed tee instead of tea) and I lose a heart?


Remember it's in beta still, and you can help improve the course best by clicking on the flag icon and expressing your problem there.


Thnx. I will keep the advice in mind :)


i typed 'drink' bread instead of eat lol


Usually if the misspelled word forms another valid word, it just marks the whole answer wrong :(


Nomiza oti eimai o monos ellhnas pou mathainei ollandika :)


You can think that, but I expect that there are several students from Greece here. Maybe you can organise a get-together.


I really don't undertsand these sentences. Why would anyone ever say "I drink tea and eat bread"? Why won't it simply say I AM drinking tea and eating bread?


Apparently it's not something that's happening at this very moment.

But don't get hung up on the present progressive (-ing form): Dutch doesn't normally use that, which is valid for quite a few other languages. When learning a language different from English, it's no use to try and find out why English uses either of the present tenses, as the Dutch will just use "present tense". I would say you're better off pretending there simply isn't a present progressive in English either. It confuses the student less, and allows paying more attention to the Dutch you're trying to learn and less to the English you're merely using to learn it.


The fast audio is strange for "thee", it sounds more like "bee/pee".


Here in the forum it's pronounced as if English: "Ik drink THay ...". If you get this one again, please report that the audio is wrong.


It sounds like "day" to me. You might want to report it, if it's wrong


Why can i not use Ik twice? In other sentence constructions i had to use the same pronoun twice.


Haha it sounded like he said "ik drink ei" instead of "ik drink thee"

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