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"Auch Bildung wird berücksichtigt."

Translation:Also education is being considered.

May 11, 2013



Auch should not start a sentence


I don't understand, some are "X is considered" or "X was considered" Can "werden" mean both in this case?


Confusion may arise because ‘werden’ is used both for the future tense and for the dynamic passive.

werden’ can be used for any dynamic passive tense: “X was being considered.”=‘X wurde berücksichtigt.’; “X is being considered.”=‘X wird berücksichtigt.’; “X will be being considered.”=‘X wird berücksichtigt werden.’.

sein’ can be used for any stative passive tense: “X was considered.”=‘X war berücksichtigt.’; “X is considered.”=‘X ist berücksichtigt.’; “X will be considered.”=‘X wird berücksichtigt sein.’.


I had never heard anything about "stative passive" and "dynamic passive" and how they are constructed even in English let alone German. Can any expert confirm it?


Education will also be considered." was accepted with "also correct" "....is being considered." Is it possible for both to be correct?


Yes. See the reply to Jumpily.


I had read the reply to Jumpily but was still confused because for "wird berücksichtigt" you only give the answer as Duo has above. But for "will" there is a an infinitive at the end: "werden" or "sein". I did mange to complete the exercise but need a lot of reviews. Many thanks for you help.


The German infinitive ‘werden’ or ‘sein’ in the future-tense sentences corresponds to the English infinitive “be” in the future-tense sentences.


Why is "also being considered is education" wrong???


It's not, that's a perfectly valid translation. I've reported this.


To my English ears that sounds more correct than the answer Duolingo gives.


I don't know who composed the default translation, but it sounds very awkward and unidiomatic without a comma after 'Also', which suggests the consideration is an additional fact. Otherwise, it would be more idiomatic to have, 'Education is also being considered.'


why is "education too is considered" not accepted?


I have reported that DL bot isn't able to recognize that other placements for 'also' are correct. Education, also, is ..... Education is also ...... Annoying, so it's often necessary to give what the bot wants to get out of the session!


IMO, part of the lesson is guessing what combination of words the bot wants if you're using clickword!


I was marked incorrect for translating as, "Also education will be considered."

How would that German sentence be different from the current example?


Auch Bildung wird berücksichtigt werden.


Education too is being considered?


'Auch an Bildung wird gedacht', should also be accepted, surely?


Just received the ok for "Education is also being taken into account"

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