"Tu as vraiment choisi ta cravate la plus laide !"

Translation:You really chose your ugliest tie!

June 8, 2020

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I believe my translation of "you have really chosen" should be accepted.


'you have really chosen your most ugly tie' - as an anglophone,I can assure you that this is perfectly acceptable and actually gives more emphasis to the sentence.


Ignoring the existence of a superlative is acceptable, but it falls short of perfectly acceptable, whilst the additional emphasis comes from the better expression of the verb: "You really have chosen your ugliest tie!" is better.

Plus, "ugliest" provides more scope for laying the verbal emphasis on thick, if one wishes to do so.



I agree. I prefer your translation: "You really have chosen your ugliest tie."

It fits the french very well and even manages to make the English translation smooth. Nicely done.


'You have really chosen your most ugly tie' marked wrong. But that's literally what you'd say and it matches the French. I give up


Why was "you have really chosen your ugliest tie" not accepted?


You really have chosen... Gives the emphasis


"most ugly" is the more correct and literal translation than "ugliest", which is a word, as an English speaker, I rarely use. Sort it. Now!


"Ugliest" is the more correct. Surely they must be equally literal since they mean the same thing?

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