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  5. "La barca è al porto."

"La barca è al porto."

Translation:The boat is in the port.

July 31, 2014



Seems like you should be able to say "the boat is in the harbor".


I used "The boat is at the harbour" and it was accepted (June 10, 2017)


The boat is at the port is not correct?


Is there really a complete distinction in Italian with barca being boat and nave being ship? In English we use them pretty much interchangeably even if it's not entirely correct to do so. Thanks for any insights.


I think it's a matter of size differences: for instance, a cruise or military ship is "una nave", while a fisherman's boat is "una barca"


"in the port" is quite stilted - "in port" strikes me as more idiomatic -


You mean "in port" is better?

I put "The boat is in port" which is very normal usage [at least for us Brit sea dog types :) ] but was marked wrong. Have reported it.


Al porto is in rather than at? Why? I agree that in port is the most common English phrase, but al in Italian seems to mean at the...

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