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  5. "A bheil mo mhac modhail?"

"A bheil mo mhac modhail?"

Translation:Is my son well-behaved?

June 8, 2020



The audio on this one is a bit difficult to understand. The word "modhail" doesn't come through very well and sounds completely different than any other recording with that word.


I agree. Every other time it was pronounced "moh-gahl". This one says "may-wahl"! I'd like to know if it can be put down to different dialects. Nevertheless, I'm going with the first one. ; )


Yep, different accent/dialect. Nothing more :)


Could you please give us an idea of where each of these two dialects are spoken?


low volume, i have my mac book on full volume and the other words/sentences are fine but i struggle to hear this one


This is completely unfathomable - a very poor recording perhaps? It's very muffled.


Well, reading all the comments on this one, I guess it is down to differences in areas. I did struggle with it though. Thought the last word began with an L !


It seems garbled. The"dh" in «modhail» is usually pronunced "g" /mɔɣal/ ...the drawn out "m" here made me think the speaker was softening the "mh" and making "dh" into a pause or stop while pronouncing «mì-mhodhal».


Why is this "mo mhac" for "my son" when all previous examples in this exercise refer to "my daughter" as "an nighean agam"? Are these 2 methods interchangeable?


Thank you so much. I see I have opened a can of worms!!

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