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  5. "The children eat rice."

"The children eat rice."

Translation:De kinderen eten rijst.

July 31, 2014



Why isn't it "het kinderen"? I thought that "de" was used for gender-specified (male/female) nouns while "het" was used for gender unspecified/neutral nouns.


I think de is also used for plurals


Then why is it "de krant" rather than "het krant" if krant (newspaper) is singular?


Go to the tips & notes section of basics 1 and it gives a rundown of the differences between de and het for the singular noun.

However, in this case, the golden rule to remember is that de is always used for plural nouns. De man (the man) = de mannen (the men), het meisje (the girl) = de meisjes (the girls).

Hope it helps!


Thanks a lote dude!


Every noun in Dutch have one of three genders: masculine and feminine (together they are called common, as they are treated the same way and make up about 75% of nouns in Dutch) or neuter. The gender has effect on many things-the 'the' word, for example. Common (feminine and masculine) nouns get "De" as in "De krant" meaning 'the newspaper', and neuter get "Het" as in "Het meisje" meaning 'the girls'. There are a few rules that can help you understand when a noun is common and when it is neuter, however in many cases there is no rule, and you just have to learn and remember what gender each noun is. There are also more rules about when to use "De" and when "Het"- for example pluralized words always use "De" (as in "De meisjes". You can find more information about "De vs. Het" and nouns gender in tips and notes, under "De and Het" section I think. And sorry for writing so long, got carried away:)


"de krant" is singular the plural is "de kranten." It is just that some words for things that we would use "it" for in English are considered feminine or masculine in other languages, and don't forget that the word for girl is neuter, so "the girl" is "het meisje".


Because you say the newspaper not that newspaper, you can see de as the for plurals and indefinite nouns, you use het when you know exactly which newspaper I. E. You mean


All plural nouns are de words.


'De' is used for plurals


Ugh, for me, it said the correct answer was "De kids eten rijst." I have never seen them use the word "kids" for "children", although I understand it. But sheesh.


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Why eten why not eet

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Eten we use for plural (we/wij/ze/zij/jullie) while eet is for the rest (ik/u/je/jij/he/hij/ze/zij). Pay attention that ik (I) will usually have a different way for other verbs.


Why de instead of het?


kinder not enough, they have to say kinderen. what ❤❤❤❤


Im noticing the newer recordings seem to bw leaving off the final consonant of some words. Is this typical Dutch pronunciation or just a quirk of the recording process?

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